Mickey and Minnie Cupcakes

Mickey and Minnie Cupcakes

The Mickey and Minnie fans in your family are going to love these cupcakes! They’re the perfect treat for a Mickey and Minnie birthday party. Or separately!

The Best Recipes for Halloween

The Best Recipes for Halloween

Whether you’re planning a Halloween party, breakfast, or dinner, this list is the perfect resource for the best Halloween recipes!

Poisoned Candy Apples – 30 Days of Halloween 2017: Day 30

Poisoned Candy Apples

These Poisoned Candy Apples are just about the perfect Halloween treat! They’re shiny, they’re black, and they’re wonderfully creepy.

Cookies and Cream Macaron Bats – 30 Days of Halloween 2017: Day 29

Macarons that look like bats and taste like cookies and cream? A perfect dessert for Halloween! The candy eyeballs add the perfect touch to these treats.

Hot Dog Mummies – 30 Days of Halloween 2017: Day 26

You can’t get much cuter than Hot Dog Mummies for dinner on Halloween! This is a perfect meal for the kids and adults alike.

Halloween Graveyard Cheesecake Dip – 30 Days of Halloween 2017: Day 21

Halloween Graveyard Cheesecake Dip is a smooth and chocolatey dip that you can easily serve to a crowd this Halloween! So many fun Halloween elements!

Halloween Skewers – 30 Days of Halloween 2017: Day 18

Halloween Fruit Skewers

Every party needs a skewer! Kids and adults alike are going to love these Halloween Skewers full of fruit, candy, and marshmallows.  Skewers are one of those really great options when feeding a crowd at a party. You can stack so much goodness onto one stick for guests to grab and go. These adorable Halloween… 

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Egg-Free Ghost Meringues – 30 Days of Halloween 2017: Day 17

Adorable and easy Ghost Meringues without the eggs! You’ll love this trick to make egg-free meringues. It works just like egg whites! Did you know you can make meringues without eggs? Today is the day you learn the secret! This Halloween, your kiddos with egg allergies are going to love Ghost Meringues for dessert. They’re adorable and… 

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