Creamy Lime Fruit Dip + doTERRA Giveaway!

Creamy Lime Fruit Dip

  I’m so excited about this recipe and giveaway today! My husband and I really like dōTERRA Essential Oils and use all different kinds of oils for all different kinds of things. Helping sick kids, headaches, sleeping better…They’re amazing. Essential oils are natural aromatic compounds found in the seeds, bark, stems, roots, flowers, and other parts… 

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40 Game Day Recipes


Cupcake Diaries The Super Bowl is officially on its way! Congratulations to you if your team won yesterday. One of the best parts of Super Bowl Sunday is all the food food food! Game food is some of the best kind of food. Today I’ve got 40 different game food recipes from dips to sandwiches,… 

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On the Menu at My Family’s Christmas Party


My little family is lucky enough that we get to celebrate holidays with both our families. No matter who we’re with for Christmas Eve, we’ll still get to have another Christmas party with the other family. This year we’re with my husband’s family on Christmas Eve, so we’re having a Christmas party before Christmas with… 

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