Witch Hat Brownie Pops – 30 Days of Halloween 2017: Day 19

Witch Hat Brownie Pops

A delicious brownie you eat on a stick! These easy Witch Hat Brownie Pops come together using a brownie mix, homemade frosting, and candy. Witch Hat Brownie Pops are the cutest brownies to serve at a Halloween party! I love that fantastic shiny frosting combined with the bright green candy. This is a great dessert… 

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Halloween Skewers – 30 Days of Halloween 2017: Day 18

Halloween Fruit Skewers

Every party needs a skewer! Kids and adults alike are going to love these Halloween Skewers full of fruit, candy, and marshmallows.  Skewers are one of those really great options when feeding a crowd at a party. You can stack so much goodness onto one stick for guests to grab and go. These adorable Halloween… 

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Egg-Free Ghost Meringues – 30 Days of Halloween 2017: Day 17

Adorable and easy Ghost Meringues without the eggs! You’ll love this trick to make egg-free meringues. It works just like egg whites! Did you know you can make meringues without eggs? Today is the day you learn the secret! This Halloween, your kiddos with egg allergies are going to love Ghost Meringues for dessert. They’re adorable and… 

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Halloween Caramel Pretzel Bites – 30 Days of Halloween 2017: Day 16

Halloween Caramel Pretzel Bites

You only need three ingredients to make these salty, sweet, and chewy Halloween Pretzel Bites! They’re easy and a perfect Halloween treat for neighbors. These holidays, I tell you. They’ve got me all kinds of giddy for parties and fun with family and friends. Making treats like this makes me so excited for all that… 

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Ghoulish Monster Halloween Cupcakes – 30 Days of Halloween 2017: Day 12

The kids are going to love Ghoulish Monster Halloween Cupcakes for Halloween dessert! Nothing beats a treat covered in candy eyeballs. My kids absolutely love all things gross. And even better when they can eat said gross things! I showed them a picture of these cupcakes and and they begged me to make them. They… 

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Dirt and Worms Cupcakes – 30 Days of Halloween 2017: Day 10

Dirt and Worms Cupcakes

A dirt-and-worms dessert that doesn’t require a spoon! These portable and chocolatey Dirt and Worms Cupcakes are perfect for Halloween. I love that classic dessert with the chocolate pudding cups and wormy goodness. These cupcakes are a twist on that classic and so much fun for Halloween! These chocolate cupcakes are made with Oreo pudding and… 

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Oreo Ghost Cookies – 30 Days of Halloween 2017: Day 6

Oreo Ghost Cookies

A chocolate-covered Oreo shaped like a ghost makes for a perfect Halloween treat for all ages! Chocolate dipped Oreos are one of those treats that are so easy and fun to make for just about any occasion. I was so excited to see a ghost version for the series this year! Aren’t these little guys… 

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Murderous Cheesecake Mousse – 30 Days of Halloween 2017: Day 4

Murderous Cheesecake Mousse

Only two ingredients needed to make this decadent Murderous Cheesecake Mousse! The strawberry sauce adds the perfect touch for this gruesome Halloween treat.  I’m going to guess that you haven’t had cheesecake quite like this! If you’re looking for a deliciously gruesome Halloween recipe for your party, Murderous Cheesecake Mousse is the perfect pick. You… 

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