Leprechaun Snack Mix

Holiday foods are pretty much the best. They’re so fun! And this is a little snack that I’ve loved for years. It was one of those accidental, “Oops, I just had some Lucky Charms then put some M&M’s and pretzels in my mouth,” type of moments that ended up being a new a delicious snack combination. And super festive for St. Patrick’s Day!

This is one of those snacks that you can leave out on your counter for your family to enjoy as they come through the kitchen. We’ve also made it for family movie nights. (From personal experience, this snack pairs well with a Diet Pepsi.)

Leprechaun Snack Mix

  • 2 c. Lucky Charms cereal
  • 1 c. pretzels
  • 1 c. green and gold M&M’s candies (purchased at Zurcher’s)

*You can add more of any ingredients, depending on how much you want!

Combine all ingredients in a bowl. Enjoy!


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