DIY Fabric Wall Art


Last weekend I was browsing through fabric at Jo-Ann’s when I found this floral design. I fell in love with the colors and knew I had to have it for my living room. That room has been in desperate need of some more color! I decided to buy a half a yard and make some fabric wall art. I’m really excited about how it turned out! It was so easy and adds a lot to my living room.

I bought a half a yard of fabric from Jo-Ann’s and two 12×12 scrapbook frames from Hobby Lobby. (Any shape and size would work great for this!) That amount of fabric ended up being perfect and I only had a little bit extra. Decide what part of the fabric you want showing, then cut the fabric so you’ve got about an inch around all four edges to fold over and tape down.
If you’re using a standard picture frame, use the cardboard or paper inside the frame to tape down your fabric. If you use a scrapbook frame like me, the paper will sit farther back from the glass and not flat against the frame like a regular picture frame and be too weak and flimsy with the fabric attached to it. You’ll want to buy some 12×12 cardstock or something sturdy to tape the fabric to so it lies nice and flat in the frame. (Buy white cardstock if your fabric is see through like mine!) And yes, I just used masking tape for this!
Place the fabric inside the frame and hang them up on the wall. And that’s it! Super easy and a great way to bring some color into the room. I’m hoping these bright, springy colors will make spring come a little faster!
As you can see, my living room has been in desperate need of some color! 
My new fabric wall art really makes a difference!