Toy Story 3 Birthday Party

Way back in March we celebrated my son’s 2nd birthday with a Toy Story 3 party. He still LOVES all things Toy Story so we thought he would really enjoy having a birthday party with that theme. (He got Toy Story 3 on blu-ray for Christmas last year and has since worn it out. This is true for his Toy Story and Toy Story 2 dvd’s that I bought years ago. I think I know what Santa should bring this year!)

We came from out of town to have our son’s birthday party with family so we didn’t want to go too crazy with everything. You will find that the party was simple with a few pops here and there. I hope there is something here that will inspire you for your Toy Story 3 party! (All ideas can be adapted for a regular Toy Story party.)

Here’s what we did for the party:

The Invitation
Brycen Invitation O'Connors mark
I made his invitations and printed them at Costco.
The Party
We wanted to do some fun things with this party without going overboard. This was the first party we had. (Yep, we had more than one! He got a party with both sides of the family and he loved it.) This party was at my parents’ house. My son is the oldest grandchild on this side of the family so I didn’t do any games or extras for this party, since he would be the only grandchild participating. However, the adults were all equally excited about the different parts of the party! I appreciate that they appreciated it! 🙂
What you see from left to right:
  • I made a little print with Woody, Buzz, and Jessie that said, “Happy Birthday, Brycen!” and put it in a white frame.
  • For dessert we had cupcakes with a different character from the movie placed on top.
  • For dinner we had “Pizza Planet” pizza (also known as Papa Murphy’s Take and Bake) with green salad on Toy Story plates. The plates and red table cloth were from Zurchers.
  • The drinks were just some of my family’s favorite sodas served in some brightly-colored plastic cups from Walmart.
Let’s take a closer look…
Birthday Print
 This is the birthday print I made. Very simple and added a little touch.
The cupcakes with the fun character toppers were a big hit! I bought multicolored cupcake liners from a shop that no longer exists on Etsy, but it would be super easy to find others just like these. I made a yellow cupcake with chocolate frosting and put different kinds of birthday sprinkles on top. (I had three different kinds of sprinkles already and just used what I had!) Each cupcake topper was made with a sucker stick (the sucker sticks can be bought at Walmart or Zurchers) with one of the character’s pictures attached to it. I think the adults had just as much fun as Brycen did choosing a character! (Each party used a set of toppers.)
Close-Ups of the Cupcakes:
(This picture was taken at the second party. We made white cake with vanilla frosting for this party!)
The character toppers
(To save these toppers to your computer, simply left click and hit “save.” Enjoy!)
Games and Loot

Our nieces and nephews on my husband’s side range in age from 20 months up to 10 years old. Perfect bunch for some party games! Five of the kids (excluding Brycen) were able to come to his party. I made simple loot bags with brown paper bags and a different Toy Story 3 sticker on the front of each one for the kids to take their prizes home. (These stickers were a lucky find at my kids’ pediatrician’s office, heading out the door after Brycen’s appointment just days before the party. They worked perfectly!)

We found these Toy Story PEZ dispensers at Toys R Us.
We enjoyed “Pizza Planet” pizza and soda for this party as well. The kids LOVED that we were able to get Pizza Planet pizza! 😉 This is a fun and easy way to serve soda at a party. The bins are from the dollar store, then we bought a bag of ice and bottled sodas from Walmart. (Sadly, diet pepsi is not made in the cute glass bottles so I had to settle for buying that lovely two liter bottle in the background for us diet pepsi drinkers.)
 Game #1
(The faces of my super sweet nephews, nieces, and son have been blurred out in the rest of the pictures for their safety. Thanks for understanding!)
The first game we played was Toy Story 3 Bingo! The kids loved it. I made a different Bingo! card for each child full of different characters from the movie and printed them at Costco on photo paper. The kids used jelly beans as their markers to cover up the characters (since Bonnie eats them in the movie). We didn’t play the traditional way (B-Woody, N-Rex, etc.) Instead we just called out the name of a character and the kids covered that character up if they had them on their card. There were more characters than there were spaces so each card was completely different. Each child won a prize after they got their first bingo. The prizes were Toy Story related and found at the front of the Layton, Utah, Toys R US in the dollar section.
One of the Bingo! cards
Game #2

The kids got to help with the next game by coloring pictures of characters from the movie. I found these coloring pages on various websites and did a general Google search to find them and print them.

After coloring the pictures, we did a candy bar walk (like a cake walk but they won regular-sized candy bars).
(The little guy at the top holding Grandma’s hand is the birthday boy!)
For this game we placed the colored pictures in a circle and played the theme song “You’ve Got a Friend in Me” on a CD while the kids walked around the circle. Once the music stopped they had to stand next to a picture and a character was called out. If they were standing by the called character, they got to choose a full-sized candy bar. We played till all the kids won a candy bar. The kids loved this as well!
This game worked well for the younger ones. Our older nephew (age 10) helped the younger ones play. He was such a good sport all around!


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