Food Ideas For Your Harry Potter Party

The book series that swept the world is one of the most popular party themes of all time. If you’re planning a Harry Potter party in your near, magical future, I’ve got you covered with the food!

Food Ideas for A Harry Potter Party

This weekend history is going to be made. Yes, that’s right. Unless you’ve been living under a rock you know that the Harry Potter movies are coming to an end. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 is coming to theaters July 15, marking the end of the Harry Potter movie series. Do I have my tickets yet, you ask? You betcha. My twin sister bought them for our group of Potter fans almost a month ago and we’ve been anxiously awaiting the big day.

To celebrate the event my totally awesome twin threw a Harry Potter party at her house. It was so cool and fun! We had all types of fun treats from the series and enjoyed some trivia as well. But first we all were sorted into houses for the tournament. I was put in Ravenclaw for my smarty brains and creativity. Or so I was told! Not sure if I believe it. And yes, my team totally won the trivia game. We missed one question. I’m still kicking myself for that one.

So you want to have a Potter party of your own? Great! Here are a few ideas to get that treat table at the party started. Have fun!

Harry Potter T-shirts for a Harry Potter Party

My twin sister and I got into the Potter party spirit with some fun t-shirts. Amber (the twin) went with the Gryffindor t-shirt and I decided to show my true colors with a “Muggle” t-shirt. No use hiding my identity! You can find some pretty great Harry Potter tees on Amazon or at specialty stores. Even better would be to go to Universal Studios in Florida and now Hollywood!

Harry Potter Font

Easily download the Harry Potter font for treat table signs and any other signage you want for the party. You can find this font here.
Gryffindor Popcorn - This sweet popcorn is the perfect treat to serve at a Harry Potter party!
Make a bowl of this popcorn for the food table and party goers will come back for more and more! The popcorn is coated in white chocolate and tossed with delicious candy.

Licorice Wands

Licorice Wands
I made these delicious little wands and they were a big hit! All you need is your favorite kind of licorice, a package of almond bark, a vase or something to display them, and sprinkles (if desired).

Heat about 3 squares of almond bark in a 2-cup glass measuring cup for 30 seconds, then stir. (I ended up using 3 oz of white and 3 oz of milk chocolate to make 40 wands.) Place the chocolate back in the microwave for another 30 seconds and stir again. If the chocolate hasn’t melted quite yet put it in for another 10 seconds. When the chocolate is creamy, dip the licorice in about a third of the way (or how far you want to dip it) and place on wax paper. Sprinkle with different sprinkles if you’d like.

The chocolate takes about an hour to cool completely. I wrapped a gold ribbon around each vase. The bottoms are filled with chocolate chips to make it easier to grab the licorice.

Cauldron Cakes for a Harry Potter Party

Cauldron Cakes
My super cool twin made chocolate cupcakes and put a little lightning bolt on the top. Cupcakes are really easy to call cauldron cakes. You can find an actual recipe for Cauldron Cakes here.
Butterbeer Cupcakes
Butterbeer Cupcakes from Sugar and Soul
Butterbeer desserts are pretty much amazing. These cupcakes are flavored with delicious butterbeer and piled high with a butterbeer frosting. Amazing.
Butterbeer for a Harry Potter Party
Easy Butterbeer
Our version of butterbeer consisted of cream soda with a little bit of vanilla ice cream. Everybody loved it! It was so yummy. There are other versions of butterbeer that don’t have ice cream in it, like the one found here.
Butterbeer Freeze
This is a frozen drink you can blend up and serve to party goers. They’ve never had butterbeer quite like this!
Acid Pops for a Harry Potter Party
Roll sour suckers in Pop Rocks candy and you’ve got Acid Pops! (Idea found here.)
Chocolate Frogs for a Harry Potter Party
If I had thought to find a frog mold soon enough I would have made these for the party. Don’t make the same mistake I did and order one here! Fill the mold up with your favorite melted chocolate and allow to cool completely.
Bertie Bott's Every Flavored Beans for a Harry Potter Party
We can’t forget about these popular beans! Delicious yet dangerous, these beans can become a game in and of itself at your party. You can buy these at the grocery store, at party stores, or on Amazon.
Butterbeer Poke Cake
Butterbeer Poke Cake from Sugar and Soul
If it’s a Harry Potter birthday you’re having, Butterbeer Poke Cake is the perfect birthday cake recipe! This cake is loaded with butterbeer flavor and topped with a butterbeer frosting.
Isn’t Harry Potter the greatest? I hope you found something here that you like! If you throw a Harry Potter party, I want to hear about it! Leave me a comment below with all the details.


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    Okay so this is totally perfect! My nephew wants to have a Harry Potter birthday party and my sister was trying to think of some things for him (as he is only 4 and only seen the first movie after much begging). These are fabulous ideas! Thanks Alli!

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