How to Half a Recipe – Free Printable Guide

How to Half a Recipe

I don’t know how many times I’ve needed to cut a recipe in half and have had to look up different measurements to do it. Those days are over! To start off this new year, I vow to never have to look up those measurements again.

I decided to make a printable guide (inspired by He and She Eat Clean) that I could print and tape to the inside of a kitchen cabinet door or the pantry door. I have a feeling this little thing is going to save me a lot of hassle!

How to Half a Recipe

You can easily have this guide to put in your kitchen, too. Just save it as a photo to your computer and you’re all set!

And if you want to start menu planning this year, head over and download one of my FREE weekly menu planners!

Weekly Menu Planner



  1. Jenn says

    It would be how to halve, not half!! It’s crazy how many times its been pinned and no one has said anything. Duh.

    • Alli says

      Jenn, while I appreciate the grammatical correction, just remember that there is a human being behind the website and use of the word “duh” is not very kind. I’ve been out of an English class for 10 years and tend to forget which word is the correct usage. And also, I don’t care. ๐Ÿ™‚

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