Creative Ways to Cut a Watermelon

It’s that time of year when all the watermelon artwork comes on the scene! These days I don’t go to a baby shower without seeing a watermelon baby carriage or to a family reunion without a watermelon hedgehog. It’s such a fun trend! So far I haven’t jumped on the watermelon-carving train and carved something for myself. But I sure have enjoyed others’ hard work and I love seeing all of the creativity out there. Here are a few of the really cute ideas I’ve seen out there!

 Watermelon Hedgehog @ Knox News
 Watermelon Turtle @ Down Memory Lane
 Watermelon Baby Carriage @ Taste of Home
 Watermelon Shark @ Sun Scholars
 Watermelon Basket @ Home Cooking from
View the video tutorial here!
Watermelon Keg @ She Knows
Hollow out a watermelon, drill a hole in the front, and fill it with your favorite drink to serve at a fun summer party!


  1. says

    Oh man this is too fun! I want to try this but I think I may screw it up ha ha. I will shoot for the easiest one. Thanks for posting!

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