Family Reunion Snack Mix


 Last weekend we went to Idaho for an annual family reunion with my mom’s side. I love spending time with family and catching up on what my cousins are up to. We were all besties growing up, and now we’re all having kids that are going to be besties. It’s just way too much fun!

There’s no doubt that when this bunch gets together we like to eat. There’s always a snack table sitting out where one can go to find something tasty to munch on any time throughout the day. When I think of family reunions I think of tons of fun and tons of funny moments. This snack mix is random and fun just like family reunions. We all love the sweet and salty combination so I thought it would be fun to make a yummy snack mix based on that. I love this mix because all the snacks in it are something that everyone likes. And I wasn’t at all surprised when I saw family members walking around with little cups full of the mix!

This snack is also great for traveling and everyday snacking!

(Big thanks to Nikki from Chef in Training for sharing her Bear Lake Trail Mix and inspiring me to make this Family Reunion Mix!)


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