Cupcake Diaries’ Christmas Wishlist

Every year I’m always so surprised at how fast the holidays come around. Once again it is time to start thinking about Christmas! Today I’m sharing with you some of the things that are on my list.

I feel like I’m pretty easy to shop for. I tell Santa every year that I’d be happy with a brightly colored spatula in my stocking, nestled in right next to a giant Hershey bar.

(This will also serve as a test to see if my hubby actually reads my blog posts.) 😉

My Wishlist for In the Kitchen
I LOVE this hand mixer! I can’t get over that green.
I don’t even care what color, I just want a super fun whisk! And a whisk that I can hide from my kids. None of my whisks look like whisks anymore! This one would be all mine.
Silicone baking mats are all the rage in the foodie world these days! And I’m ready to jump on that bandwagon big time. I would love to try one of these mats!
It’s so important to have good pans when baking. I’ve slowly been building a cake pan collection of sorts and I really want a 10″ round.

I’ve seen Paula Dean and Ina Garten use 2 cup measuring cups and I’ve wanted one ever since! I imagine myself scooping 2 cups of flour at one time with this scoop.

I’ve been wanting a stove top grill for what seems like forever. And this one happens to have a griddle on the back of it! How convenient. (I can’t say that last part without thinking of “Home Alone2: Lost in New York”!)
These pasta rollers attach to the front of a KitchenAid stand mixer. I want to make homemade pasta more and these would be awesome to use!
My Not-So-Kitcheny Wishlist
Custom iPhone Case from Shutterfly
Now that I have my first iPhone, I want to personalize it! I love these iPhone cases you can make over at Shutterfly. Talk about a perfect Christmas gift! 
To learn more about iPhone cases, click here!
Really jewelry in general. I’m a tad obsessed. But I’ve always wanted pearls and I love this look!
I love all the colors in this palette! A lot of the time I find palettes that I can only use a few colors. But I could use every one of these colors in the Naked2 palette. Love it!
Last but not least, a gift card to my favorite store. Heaven!!
What’s on your Christmas wishlist??


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    I wouldn’t turn down a bit of it! I do have to say, though, I have been wanting that Naked 2 pallet for a long time! And the pasta attachment… 🙂