Homemade Calzones


Cupcake Diaries We love making pizza for dinner. Homemade Calzones are a really fun and easy take on pizza and my kids love them! I saw this idea over at Ready, Set, Eat when I came across a yummy recipe for another type of calzone. We did our own take on calzones at home and… 

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BBQ Chicken Pizza


  One of our favorite Sunday dinners is semi-homemade pizza. (The semi-homemade part comes from the store bought crust!) During the week we create our grocery list and put our heads together on what we could put on our pizza. This week we thought a BBQ Chicken Pizza sounded pretty darn fantastic. We came home… 

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Pizza Margherita

pizzamarg text

  I just love homemade pizza! It’s one of my favorite comfort foods. We enjoy making pizzas together as a family and letting our oldest help put the toppings on. He especially loves to put the cheese on the pizza! We made this Pizza Margherita for dinner a few weeks ago and it was so… 

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Pizza Rolls


  We have an almost three year old at our house who’s a big fan of pizza! Ok, let’s be honest. I think my husband and I like it more than he does. And we love being able to make it at home in some fun way. Back in July, I shared a fun recipe… 

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