Ice Cream Cone Easter Baskets

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Easter is fast approaching! These Ice Cream Cone Easter Baskets are sure to be a hit with the little ones, and a bright and colorful touch to your table décor. Let’s face it. These would be fun for the adults to make, too! These little treats come from Good Housekeeping.
What You’ll Need:

  • standard ice cream cones
  • different colors of jelly beans, m&m’s, or other Easter candies (If it were me making these, I’d mix a whole bunch of different candies together!)
  • licorice sticks (The ones above are apple flavored but you can use whatever you’d like.)

To Make Them:

  1. Fill ice cream cones with jelly beans.
  2. With a  small knife, cut two holes into the sides of each cone. Tuck either end of a licorice stick into the holes to look like the handle. Easy breezy and the kids will love them!

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